Catching up!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

As promised last night, I am catching up on posting the past few days of LOAD. I need to share 14-17, but one of the days will get a post of it's own...Most of these I did not use the prompts, but a page done still here goes.

Day 14
I did use the prompt of what other supplies do you use besides scrapbook supplies...Well, I added staples and a paper clip to this page. Those would be the two I use most frequently.

This is a page kit from a class I took last fall. Works like a charm when I am limited on time.

Day 15
Another page kit, but no prompt followed on this one. Nice to have some Disney photos to go with the papers

Day 17
Only slightly near the prompt to use a similar design to a pay you've already created. Since this is from a page kit that I've already used once, you could kid of say I used a similar design....

As you can see, I skipped Day 16. I will be back to sure that one soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Wow a double page layout everyday. That's amazing! Beautiful job!

  2. Yes, Wow! I was surprised to see your double them all! I really like how you scrapped the kits! Great inspiration!