Fun Fall Blog Hop

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hi and welcome to our Fall Blog Hop. A groups of online friends decided to throw this little party to showcase some of our favorite fall projects.  You should have arrived here from Robyn's blog.  If not, please go back to Mandi's blog to begin from there. 

I am doing something different today.  I have completed most of my scrapbook pages over the past couple of years.  I went through my books and pulled out all of my fall LO's.  I wanted to see similarities and differences from page to page.  But what I really wanted to look at was both how my pages have changed, as well as how my family has changed.  The funny thing is, the fall activities didn't really change.

This LO I created after taking one of my first classes at BPC.  I remember it being one of the first times I used a single photo, as well as using multiple fonts and a long title.  It's still one of my favorites, and no, I never found another photos of the boys playing in the leaves this year.

Now this is more like it! Our neighbor's tree always was the first to lose its leaves. The boys would wait until this Dad was done raking THEN jump in the pile. They would spend hours goofing around, burying each other and being silly.  
I tried my hand at creating a cohesive 2 page LO using design principles I was learning. Here I tried hard to have a visual triangle.

Another of my favorites.  Finally the leaves fell on our side of the street. He took his toy rake to help me make a pile to play in.  
I wanted to keep the focus on the photos and try using smaller photos. I created a photo collage and filled in the odd spaces with fall themed stickers.  The stitches in the top and bottom corners draw the eye to the center, the photos.

These three are from the Scrapbook Generation Super Saver Sketch Club last fall.  I love this kit in particular because of the way the embellishing came together so nicely.  I had a lot of fun putting them together and the papers were perfect for out fall outing to Honey Hill Orchard.  Each page is a separate part of the day.  Apple picking, choosing our pumpkin, and the petting zoo.  Can't beat that all in one place.

This was our first time going to an apple orchard in the fall, We chose Johanssen Farms. They have a complete pumpkin patch, hay rides, train rides, apple orchards as well as the barn sticked with cider, donuts, name it. We had such a beautiful day and we decided to make it a family tradition.

I played around with stitching and contrasting color. The colors in the photos were vibrant. I wanted to highlight them.  Looking at this now, I see the blue sky first.  I think if I were to do it over, I wouldn't choose the green background.

This is my latest fall creation.  These trees are all in my neighborhood. I've been wanting too take photos of the beautiful colors for a while. I finally had a sunny day and was able to do so. 

I printed the photos using a white border. I liked the frame.  I also used bits of some bark that I found on my walk underneath the round embellishments.  I used and layered bold print papers because I loved the colors in the tonal print. The title is a play on words, which is something I have found I do often in my titles.

Thanks for taking a look and following my journey through fall activities and layouts.  If you aren't already a follower, please follows me! I post regularly about my crazy family life. I promise you'll find something humorous in every page.

From here you need to go see Laurie's blog. Thanks for hopping with us and I hope to see you stopping by again soon.


  1. What a great idea to go back through your LOs of past! A fun adventure indeed as the reader.

    Your work has gotten more embellished, love it!

  2. Love seeing all the LO's over time. Evan was so little! :) I actually liked the green background on that LO and then after your comment about the sky, I could see what you mean. Great pages!

  3. How interesting to see all your Fall layouts together and to note how you have grown in your scrapbooking as your children are growing. I love how you play with color and design - always stretching yourself. Thanks for a beautiful Fall journey.

  4. I am just going to echo Amanda's comment! I love seeing how your style has evolved. You've really grown and I love seeing your LOs and getting together with you--I always learn something new.

  5. I'm just going to echo Amanda's comment--what a fun idea. I love seeing how your style has evolved, yet remained you throughout the years. I always learn something from you, and I thank you for that.

  6. What beautiful layouts Derv! You have so many happy memories preserved for your boys. I really enjoy the last one. You have the perfect blues and oranges to really showcase the colors in your photos.

  7. I love seeing how your work has evolved! Thank you for the journey, Devra. Your photos are just perfect!
    I love the choice of colors you chose to use.

  8. I love how you showed us all your fall creations! I love all of them for separate reasons!

  9. I really love the green background in your LO - nice and sharp. Also love the "play" on words in your title. So nicely done! Thanks for the trip down your memory lane.

  10. Love the who you did a look back on your pages.