Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!  Feeling great today!  We had a wonderful 2 weeks off and now it is time for life to get back to normal. The kids are in school, husband is back at work, which means I get back to my routine!

Today I am sharing a fun new LO.  It is my turn to share on Child's Play Challenges.  It is also my week to host the Issue Challenge over at Club CK.

Today's Child's Play Challenge is based on...JACKS!
Ok, this was tough for me.  We have no jacks. We have no photos of anyone playing jacks, including any of myself as a child.  Hmmm, color? I just did that for our last challenge.  Photos of my kids playing with anyone named Jack?  Nope.  Come on, think outside the box!  Well, I could do the shapes....so I did! Yes, I came up with x's and circles, and also, the color red.  A bit of a stretch?  Maybe.  (Let's just hope Tic-Tac-Toe doesn't come up for me next!) While I was looking for PP for another project I was working on, I came across this very old Scenic Route paper.  I knew I would build my page around it.  I chose this photo out of my stack. The colors were great.  I even used a Scrapbook Generation sketch.  All the little details play back to the x&o theme. The stitching, the buttons, the title.

Oh, so how does this work for the Club CK Issue Challenge too?  Ha!  Polka dots!!!!    I purposely chose to use polka dot washi tape for two reasons.  One, it was red like the ball, and two, I liked that it added a nice visual element.  It really made me look right to the photo when I laid it down. Besides, dots & stripes, what could go wrong there?

The red background paper is actually the Doodlebug double dot paper. It was a subtle way to add texture to the colors.

I hope you will come join me over at Child's Play Challenges and also over at Club CK!

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