LOAD-Day 2: Favorites

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Moving right along to day 2. Today's prompt is a favorite photo, why is it a favorite, what is the emotion behind it. I immediately thought of this picture.

I love this picture. It is so rare that the 6 of us are together in one place at the same time.  But this picture is deceptive. It is an oxymoron.  Everything about this picture is wrong. This was the day of Momo's (our Grandfather) funeral. The worst day of my life to date. None of us wore black because Momo wouldn't have liked that.  The sun was shining and the palm trees were swaying because Nani and Momo live on the beach. We were smiling and laughing because it took about 20 takes to get a decent picture.  We wanted to give this picture to Nani at a later date, hoping to make her smile because we knew she was sad.

So everything about this layout in a way is wrong too.  The title is a play on words.  Yes, the picture is a favorite, but we, each one of us, were Momo's favorites.  It's bright, cheery and happy, which is anything BUT the way we all felt.  I will always love this picture, but I hate the reason we have it.


  1. Great layout! I know what you mean about favorite photo but hate the reason it got you all together.

  2. I love what you had to say about this photo and the layout in general. So much meaning---RIGHT THERE!

  3. Very interesting. I am glad you have a nice photo, and that your family is able to come together no matter what.

  4. Our family always jokes the only time we see one another and are all together is if someone passes away or someone gets married....I've got similar pictures and I have yet to find a way to scrap them...Congratulations on getting this layout and the memory down :)