LOAD #1-Cheerios

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So, this is the cool thing about LOAD: I give myself (about) an hour to do my LO.  Sometimes, it does just take longer, but when I have a time limit, I have to make faster choices and stick with them.  My pages may not be as elaborate as some of my others. They will definitely have fewer details. They may not all become favorites. But, they will be finished and can go in an album.  Today's prompt: You've got good taste, something inspired about food.

I got the old Cheerios jingle in my head as soon as I came across this photo, which is the title. I bought the garland with the other Kraft MME papers.  I think they mimic the look of Cheerios well, and I still have some scraps of the Cheerios PP I bought eons ago.  know I have at least 2 other Cheerios pages in our books, and I will probably have a few more, but he knows what he wants and he knows what he likes, so I keep taking pictures. LOAD, day 1, is in the books.


  1. This is awesome! I love the banner; it goes right along with the photos.

  2. Love the garland at the top of the page...looks just like cheerios!

  3. I love it! Love that you cut part of the title from the box!

  4. That garland is awesome! And I love the black font - it's so bold and brings great attention to the title.