New Scrap Space!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, during the past 2 weeks, I have been busy! I have an entirely new scrap space to call my own.  Well, almost my own.  It's in the guest room.  But the room is empty most of the time and it was screaming at me to change that.  So, I did.  After 3 trips to IKEA, hours of putting it all together, arranging, re-arranging, organizing and purging, I think I am happy with it.

I was inspired by my giant Mickey Mouse, and I love the color red.  I call myself a red person.  I started by keeping the red legs on the table.  I had been looking for a futon/day bed for the room and I found one at IKEA.  It came with a red velvet slip cover.  Perfect.  Then came the rest of the red accents, and it all just fell into place.   By the way, this is the cleanest it will ever look.

This is the view from the doorway. I did decide on the corner desk. 

I might move things around as I start using the room, but so far so good.

I made 2 places for me to sit.  I like to look out the window while I scrap.

I have temporary stickies on the drawers while I'm looking for some fun knobs.

I have my newer PP on the bottom shelf and current mags & idea books on the top.

My drawers are very organized.  For now anyway.  I bought some of the plastic organizer inserts for 12x12 storage bins and cut them to the way I needed to use them in each drawer. I did that in the adhesive drawer and a few others.

The new couch/bed and shelf above with all my Mickey stuff.

This is my favorite thing in the room.  It's an old shelf that I found in my Mom's garage this summer.  It used to hang over her stove in her old house.  I shipped it to my house, cleaned it and repainted it. It's a combo embellishment/things-that-make-me-happy-shelf.

So, thanks for looking at me new room.  I'm ready to start using it now!