It's a SMASH!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I bought a SMASH book and all the accessories today.   I succumbed to the pressure! Well, not really but it was fun to say.   I didn't really need an excuse.  It's something new, so I have to have it.

The truth is, my Mom has been after me to make an album about me with all my likes, dislikes, wishes and adventures.  I know I should do it, but I don't like being the center of attention (well, for long periods of time anyway).  After reading all the SMASH discussion, and thinking more about it, I decided a SMASH book might be a less intimidating way of accomplishing a "Me" album.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll share my journey.

Here is my album.  I couldn't decide between the Red one with the doodle theme or the Black with the Mod theme.
I chose black first.
Here is a close up of the cover with the 6 style descriptions, but I only saw 4 colors, red, black, blue and pink.
Here are all the accessories
 Tape, Tabs, Pockets, Clips and Tags
and a close up of the SMASH pads.  There were 4 themes at the store.  I got Entertainment, Family and Word of Mouth.  I'll add photos of the tags next time.
Here are some of the pages inside.  This is the first page you see.

I don't know where or when to begin, but I'll figure it out.  Wish me luck!

LOAD of Layouts

I just completed my first LOAD (Layout a day) with Lain Ehman.   I have found myself so inspired and creatively challenged lately.  I thought I'd give it a try.  What an experience.  31 new layouts in 31 days.  It was definitely a challenge, not only creatively, but also in making the time to create each day.  There were some days I knew I would not be able to scrap, so I had to make the extra time other days.  Some things I leaned are a prompt can be interpreted in many ways.  It's ok not to follow a prompt and do your own thing.  I had fun thinking outside of my box.  I'm proud of myself.

Here are a few of my favorites:
This is from our spring vacation.  The focus was on design
 This prompt was from the color week.  Use black and white only
 This was from the embellishment week.  Place them wisely, then remove one
 This was to start with design, then photo or story, then decorate
 Also from embellie week.  Pick a trend tat is popular today and use it in your own way
 Scrap something you are passionate about
 Journaling week.  Use just one word to describe your LO or subject
 Embelie week again.  Go back and re-do embellies on a previously finished LO.  I had never added embellies to his one, so I added the Menorah, gems in the middle and the word Hanukkah.  Simple, but now complete.
All of these and more can be found here Derv's CK Gallery